This podcast was recorded in October 2018 with Federico Puentes from Sunset Island. In this episode we chat with Federico about his 2018 burning seed experience; being apart of Sunset Island theme camp; his love of music and his approach to DJing; and stay tuned for his exclusive mix for this podcast.

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Red Earth

Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • How was your burning seed? How many burns have you been involved in? (~02:50)
  • What are the tips for people to adjust back to the default world? (~05:20)
  • How did you get to join Sunset Island? (~06:10)
  • How would you describe the vibe is like at Sunset Island? (~07:50)
  • Your preference: Sunset or Sunrise? (~10:15)
  • What is the difference or similarities? (~11:20)
  • How would you describe the colours of the sunset to somebody who is blind? (~12:30)
  • Take us through the process of preparing for a sunset set. (~13:30)
  • How did you prepare for the silent disco set? (~16:10)
  • What's your music genre of choice? (~17:40)
  • How was your silent disco set? (~20:40)
  • What's the one thing you cannot survive without at a burn? (~22:25)
  • What impressed you at seed this year? (~23:10)
  • Talk to us how you first got started and who/what inspired you to continue this passion? (~25:30)
  • Do you see a burn as electronic music orientated? (~30:10)
  • What other styles or genres of music would you like to find at a burn? (~32:10)
  • Your favourite artists, musician, band, or DJ? (~33:50)
  • Your preferred choice of alcoholic beverage is? (~35:30)
  • Give us your top three tracks that's on your current selection, playlist or rotation? (~36:10)
  • What has been the best advice you have been given? (~37:50)
  • Name three personalities (living or dead) that you'd invite to your own dinner party? Why? (~38:40)
  • Did you see any interesting art pieces? (~40:45)
  • Your favourite country or cities are? (~42:10)
  • Can you share with us your most bizarre party experience? Or, the most weird (and/or wonderful) burning seed experience? (~43:30)
  • Any other hobbies you're into? (~46:55)
  • How do you approach music and DJing? (~47:30)
  • What do you think people expect from Sunset Island? (~51:40)
  • What's next for Sunset Island? (~52:40)
  • Recap of 2018 burning seed (~53:25)
  • Federico's Mix (~55:05)
  • Outtakes (~2:15:30)

Source: Sunset Island - Burning Seed 2018 (Photo: Randy Brophy)

Top Three Tracks:

  • Moments Becoming Endless Time (feat. Kamila) feat. Kamila (Original Mix) - Guy Manzur
  • Influences (Original Mix) - Sebastian Busto
  • Alrigth (Kamilo Sanclemente, Golan Zocher Bootleg) - Red Carpet

Track ID:

  1. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile - Citycism (Dub Mix)
  2. Timo Maas - Starter (Original Mix)
  3. Tim Green - Her Future Ghost (Original Mix)
  4. Matteo Monero - Three (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
  5. iiO - Rapture (Hot TuneiK Remix)
  6. Kevin Di Serna, Ditian - Crystal Forest (Original Mix)
  7. Blue Cell - Odyssee (Silinder Remix)
  8. Dee Montero - Mandala (Chant Mix)
  9. Jonas Saalbach, Yuven - Faraday (Original Mix)
  10. Imran Khan - Dreamcatcher (Hot TuneiK Remix)
  11. The Sirius - Sagittarius (Original Mix)
  12. Jinadu, Fake Mood - Don't Miss feat. Jinadu (Original Mix)

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