This podcast was recorded in November 2018 after the (Burners Of Sydney Surrounds) BOSS Rewind decom event with Amanda Choy from the Spice Cadets. In this episode we discuss Amanda's first burn experience at 2018 burning seed; what it was like having her young son at the burn; the yoga workshop she instructed; the ten principles; and the benefits of meditation and yoga. An exclusive guided mini-meditation session is also attached to this podcast (listen with your headphones for best experience).

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Red Earth

Show Notes (all timestamps are approximate only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

• How was your burning seed? (~03:55)
• How did you get into the burn community? (~04:20)
• How has your post-Seed moments been for you? (~06:20)
• Any tips you'd like to share on how to beat the burner blues? (~07:30)
• How would you describe the experience of a burn to somebody who is not familiar with it? (~08:45)
• What is the theme of Spice Cadets? (~12:00)
• What are some of the advice you can give for people who are first-time burners? (~13:45)
• How did you prepare for this seed? (~14:35)
• What impressed you at seed this year? (~15:10)
• What would you like to see more of? (~16:20)
• Can you tell us more about some of the workshops you ran at seed? (~18:40)
• What was the experience like bringing your family to the burn? (~20:45)
• What advice could you give for those that are looking to take their own kids to a burn? (~25:20)
• What are some of the things you cannot survive without at a burn? (~27:00)
• Are there any other regional burns are you fascinated by? (~27:50)
• What has been some of the best advice you have been given? (~28:25)
• Were there any bizarre party experience you can share? (~29:35)
• Name three personalities (living or dead) that you'd invite to your own dinner party? Why? (~31:55)
• Can you tell us about your approach to yoga and meditation? (~33:50)
• How important and the benefits of meditation/yoga? (~38:55)
• Is it also spiritual? (~41:00)
• The ten principles (~45:25)
• How do you approach to gifting? (~47:45)
• Amanda's mini-meditation session (~50:25)

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