In this episode we are joined with Adie from The Black Lagoon, Brett & Garrick from Abode, and Jay from Chainsaw Cobra theme camps. Blazing Swan is a regional burn in Western Australia (Kulin) and is into its sixth year with this year's theme "Happy as Larry". Blazing Swan will be held on April 17th to 23rd, Easter weekend. Our DJ mix in this episode is from Bipolar Coaster, Chainsaw Cobra's resident DJ. You can follow his music here:

Chainsaw Cobra
Black Lagoon


Blazing Swan:

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Red Earth

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The Simpsons "Blazing Guy"

Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Abode - Brett & Garrick (~03:00)
  • Black Lagoon - Adie (~31:55)
  • Chainsaw Cobra - Jay (~62:05)
  • Bipolar Coaster DJ set (~82:25)


This podcast was recorded back in January (Black Lagoon), February (Abode), March (Chainsaw Cobra).


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