This episode we continue our talks with Nick BFG on bitcoins, the blockchain, cryptos, how they connect to the principles of burning man and our burn community, a bit about the darkweb, as well as we go over some recent headlines in that space.

Nick BFG is a head coach at Taurus Institute:

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Quadriga: The cryptocurrency exchange that lost $135m

JP Morgan Coins:


Monetary evolution of Bitcoins:

KYC and AML: What all Banks need to Know

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance:

Bank Stress Test:

Amazon acquires Audible for $300 million:

AWS - Amazon Web Services:

FAANG stocks:,_Apple,_Amazon,_Netflix_and_Google

Debt Ceiling:

Brave Browser:

IBM Wins AUD $1 Billion Contract to Develop Blockchain, Tech Initiatives for Australia Govt.:

The Big Short: 


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This podcast was recorded back in February 2019.

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