In this impromptu episode "A Conversation With Jman" we catchup with Jarred Taylor on his return from Burning Man 'Metamorphoses' and preparing for Burning Seed 'Zoophemism'. Jman is the co-creator (with Hannah Mitchell) of The Orphanage theme camp at Burning Seed (Australian regional burn) and has been to numerous regional burns in various countries over the years, including Kiwiburn (New Zealand regional burn). We start our conversation with Kiwiburn 2020 and go over some of the theme camps at burning man - such as 'Religious As Fuck' and 'Spice & Vice', as well as discussions about 'dust devils' and 'seed quest', and how the 'Orphanage' was founded.

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The Orphanage -
Spice & Vice -
Religious As Fuck -
Burning Man Dust Devils Greatest Hits 2019 -
Pollination 2019 Regenerative Futures Summit -

Burning Man -
Burning Seed -

The 10 Principles of Burning Man


Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)

Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Kiwiburn 2020 [~1:40]
  • Religious AF [~6:40]
  • Spice & Vice [~12:05]
  • Seed Quest [~14:40]
  • Live music and vibe at Burning Man 2019 [~19:40]
  • Dust devils [~21:55]
  • New challenges? [~23:20]
  • The Orphanage [~31:30]

This podcast was recorded back in September, 2019.


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