Chris Jackson is an entrepreneur, a business performance coach, and a burner who had given up a lucrative career in engineering to pursue his life passion. In this episode we chat to Chris about his burning man experiences, being a digital nomadic, the different modalities of self-improvement such as meditation & NLP, and we also explore the concepts of spiritual awakening & personal development in a burn context... plus an abundance more!

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I Need an Adult

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • How was your burning man 2019? How many burns have you been involved in? [~04:00]
  • How would you describe the experience of burning man to somebody who is not familiar with it? [~06:50]
  • Digital nomad [~10:40]
  • Financial freedom [~13:45]
  • Personal development vs Spiritual awakening [~17:10]
  • What's the one thing you cannot survive without at a burn? What helped you get through burning man? [~20:25]
  • Importance of Community [~22:55]
  • NLP vs Spiral Dynamics vs Quantum Linguistics vs Time Line Therapy [~24:45]
  • Our thoughts are everything... [~30:45]
  • Positive thinking, anxiety & negative thoughts [~33:40]
  • Name three personalities (living or dead) that you'd invite to your own dinner party? Why? [~38:05]
  • Burning man 2019 highlights [~43:20]
  • What other regional burns are you fascinated by now [~46:40]
  • Pathological certainty & Regret [~47:30]
  • FOMO [~51:45]
  • Purpose driven business [~55:00]
  • Coaching vs Mentoring [~58:15]
  • Gratitude [~59:15]
  • Limitless [~61:50]

This podcast was recorded back in October, 2019.


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