Dr Marty is a political scientist who has a doctorate in public policy. He is a regional burner and social researcher who also lectures in public management at the University of Melbourne. He writes about politics, public policy, and transformative event culture. He is also currently leading a process to design a new governance structure for Burning Seed. In this episode we invite Dr Marty for a chat so we can dive deeper into the two journal entries that Dr Marty had written about the burning man binary & identity, and the transformative event culture in Rainbow Serpent & burning man. Checkout his two articles linked below before listening to this podcast in order to get a better understanding of his think pieces.

Burning Man, Identity and The Binary - https://journal.burningman.org/2019/07/opinion/serious-stuff/burning-man-identity-and-the-binary/

What We Can Learn From Festivals Like Rainbow Serpent - https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/what-we-can-learn-from-festivals-like-rainbow-serpent

Dr. Marty

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Jnr Boom (Luke Read)

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • How did you get involved in the burn community [~03:45]
  • Dr Marty’s background [~07:15]
  • Burning Progeny [~09:30]
  • How was your 2019 burning man experience? [~12:45]
  • Burning Man, Identity and The Binary [~15:00]
  • Change narrative [~17:25]
  • Binary & identity [~19:25]
  • Hyper individualism [~26:40]
  • Transcendence of burn culture [~26:55]
  • Personal growth in transformational festival/burn events [~31:55]
  • Temporary hyper community [~40:35]
  • Burner culture studies [~45:50]
  • Restructuring of Burning Seed [~47:35]
  • Community benefits of new burning seed restructure [~53:40]
  • Jnr Boom DJ set [~57:55]

This podcast was recorded back in December, 2019.


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