Peter Ingram is a Wagga Wagga local burner, an art-builder, is part of the ranger and fire safety team, and the indigenous liaison for Burning Seed. Pete also dedicates his time and services to the community with his 'welcome to the country' smoke ceremonies that opens the burning seed regional burn. In this episode we get chatting about some of the topics and issues that is near and dear to him such as the indigenous smoking ceremonies, the ecology of the Australian forestry, destructive bushfires, building spectacular art, and what the burn community means to him. Also in this episode we review KiwiBurn 2020: Eclectic Decade with Diia Bourke (aka Little Bee).

Eastern Bearded Dragon



Art burn

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Paddock name/radio-handle [~03:50]
  • How did you get introduced to the burn community? [~6:40]
  • Welcome to the country ceremony [~12:50]
  • Smoking ceremony [~15:00]
  • How would you describe the burn community or burn experience for those who are not familiar with it? [~18:30]
  • What’s the one thing you cannot survive at a burn? [~27:00]
  • How do you burn? [~28:10]
  • Eastern Bearded Dragon & Art Burn [~30:30]
  • Sustainable burns [~38:05]
  • Red Earth Ecology [~39:05]
  • Gifting [~42:50]
  • Ayres Rock climbing ban [~45:45]
  • Bushfires [~47:20]
  • Corroboree [~56:15]
  • The Elders [~59:50]
  • Rangering [~65:40]
  • Pranking, shenanigans & fuckery [~70:35]
  • Costumes at a burn [~73:30]
  • Time [~81:35]
  • Tech Support [~82:55]
  • Tokenism of smoking ceremonies [~86:10]
  • Future art projects and art burns? [~91:20]
  • Mutant vehicle projects? [~99:30]
  • Our footprint on the paddock [~103:05]
  • Storytime [~107:50]
  • KiwiBurn 2020: Eclectic Decade Review with Diia Bourke [~110:00]

This podcast was recorded back in December, 2019 & February, 2020.

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