Jasper Vallance is a regional burner, the co-creator of the burning seed theme camp "sunset island", and also the co-founder of Xstatic Sunsets - an events management group aimed at organising sober dance parties around Sydney, Australia. In this episode we sit down with Jasper to talk about his burning seed and sunset island journey that has inspired him to create an environment for revellers who wants an alternative to the endemic alcohol and drug culture. We also venture into the sober dance parties and the natural chemical highs that Jasper is promoting at his gatherings which has garnered some media attention and an ABC article piece. Our music segment for this episode is supplied by 'Obvious Fox' with their original track called "Scotty" - a catchy tune about the recent social-political landscape in Australia.

Obvious Fox: https://www.facebook.com/obviousfox/

Sydney's sober dance parties drawing big crowds for vice-free fun - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-29/sydneys-sober-dance-parties-draw-crowds-for-vice-free-fun/11804052

Xstatic Sunsets: https://www.xstaticsunsets.com

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Burning Seed introduction [~05:00]
  • Sunset island [~06:25]
  • Burning Seed 2019 [~10:50]
  • Sober dance parties [~15:00]
  • Negative sentiments [~23:10]
  • How would you explain the burn culture to newbies? [~33:50]
  • Drug taking [~38:00]
  • Natural high [~46:30]
  • ABC article [~52:00]
  • Three personalities you'd invite to your own dinner party? [~66:30]
  • Burning man journey [~68:30]
  • Drugs in the burner community [~75:25]
  • Music and sound healing [~91:40]
  • Obvious Fox – Scotty [~96:30]

This podcast was recorded back in January, 2020.

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