Dr. Bruce Damer is a multidisciplinary researcher, polymath scientist, and a passionate burner. In this episode, Dr. Bruce briefly ventures into the origins of where and how LIFE began from a reductionist scientific position and a philosophical and spiritual perspective, in which together with his associates are testing a model to find out the starting point of life on Earth. Dr. Bruce also shares with us his burning man experience and traces back the earlier days of the burning man movement to underpin this phenomenal human experience, plus some personal recollections about his dear friends Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna.



Stromatolites - Hamelin Pools, Shark Bay

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)

Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Origins of Life [~03:30]
  • Philosophy & spiritual thought [~05:35]
  • Burning man (in the 90s) [~07:45]
  • Terence McKenna & Timothy Leary [~15:50]
  • Communal effort & civic responsibility [~22:40]
  • Memo to BM [~24:20]
  • Forward thinking/planning [~36:40]
  • How would you describe the burn experience to someone who’s not familiar with it? [~41:00]
  • Celebration of Life [~43:10]
  • Name three personalities that you’d invite to your own dinner party? [~46:00]
  • Extra chatter [~48:05]

This podcast was recorded back in January, 2020.

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