Rebooting a classic or cult, or cult classic movie is a recycled practice in Hollywood. Sometimes it generates value and adds to its world-building universe, and sometimes its a moot and pointless excercise. In this episode, we explore in rebooting the ten principles of Burning Man and see if it simulates with the four incursion hypothesis of play, social capital, wisdom, and self-actualisation.

The four incursion article piece can be found here: All Under One Roof: A Vision for Burner Culture in the Antipodes

Larry Harvey's speech can be found here: Viva Las Xmas 2002


Cover artwork by Madeline Fountain



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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)

Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Rebooting the ten principles of Burning Man [~04:40]
  • Dogma [~06:40]
  • Leave No Trace [~11:00]
  • The 4 incursions [~13:00]
  • Radical Self-Expression [~23:00]
  • Radical Inclusion [~24:10]
  • Immediacy [~31:10]
  • Decommodification [~35:50]
  • Civic Responsibility, Communal Effort, Participation [~46:00]
  • Consent & Each One, Teach One [~53:00]
  • Eleventh principle [~57:30]
  • Incursion matrix [~63:50]
  • Extra chatter [~71:10]

This podcast was recorded back in April, 2020.

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