Radio Free Tankwa (RFT) is AfrikaBurn's community radio station, formed in 2015 on the back of Radio R project that started in 2009. In this episode we get to meet the team behind RFT and have a chat with Brian, Travis, and Benjan about what the purpose of RFT and the importance of radio at Afrikaburn, as well as the examination of south afrikaan humour and other observations from the RFT crew. Turn On, Tune In, Get Lit at

Unofficial AfrikaBurn 2020 - Lockdown Mini Burn


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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • What’s the radio culture like in South Africa? [~3:25]
  • How did RFT start? History... [~05:20]
  • Isolation/Quarantine/lockdown broadcasting [~12:25]
  • Placement of RFT [~13:30]
  • Purpose of RFT [~14:30]
  • What’s the radio culture like in AfricaBurn? [~17:30]
  • Online or streaming listeners [~19:30]
  • Shouting Fire & BMIR [~21:30]
  • On-air persona & people behind-the-scenes [~23:05]
  • Personality types for radio [~27:20]
  • Shenanigans at RFT [~31:40]
  • Your go-to-song to play on a silent disco channel? [~37:30]
  • Name three personalities you'd invite to your own dinner party? [~38:40]
  • What's the one thing you cannot survive without at a burn? Is it the same now in isolation? [~40:20]
  • What is unique about Afrikaburn? [~43:55]
  • South Afrikaan and African humour [~46:30]
  • Importance of radio and RFT at Afrikaburn [~50:50]
  • How to be burners in the default world [~54:40]
  • The future of RFT [~58:20]
  • How would you describe the experience of a burn, or AfrikaBurn to somebody who is not familiar with it? [~62:50]
  • Some rad stories and yarn over the years at RFT? [~65:10]
  • RFT online streaming & virtual burns [~71:00]
  • Sign-off trademark [~74:50]
  • Extra chatter [~78:35]

This podcast was recorded back in April, 2020.

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