In this episode we have a heartwarming chat with the Afrikaburn team of Travis, Monique and Robert about their emotions and thoughts on the cancellation process, postponement, and refunds issues of Afrikaburn; the importance of burgins at a burn; the new 2021 site of Quaggafontein; Afrikaburn’s 11th principle; the 2017 norovirus; demographics of Afrikaburn, and more...

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Cancellation announcement [~04:10]
  • Planning process [~05:10]
  • Postponement [~08:50]
  • Afrikaburn history [~12:00]
  • Timeline of Covid-19 [~16:00]
  • Refunds [~24:30]
  • How has South Africa endured this pandemic? [~30:25]
  • 2017 norovirus at Afrikaburn [~37:20]
  • Can you describe Afrikaburn as a character? [~41:00]
  • Different types of communities and culture in South Africa and Afrikaburn [~43:40]
  • Demographics and representation [~53:05]
  • Eleventh principle of Afrikaburn “Each One, Teach One” [~59:50]
  • New site – Quaggafontein [~65:30]
  • Importance of Burgins [~69:20]
  • Name three personalities (living or dead) you’d invite to your own dinner party? [~74:45]
  • What's the one thing you cannot survive without at a burn? [~76:40]
  • Favourite moments at AfrikaBurn [~79:25]
  • Lekker [~86:50]
  • Afroboratory [~88:30]
  • Virtual burn – HomeBurn! [~90:40]
  • Monty Python - always look on the bright side of life [~95:00]
  • Extra chatter [~98:35]

This podcast was recorded back in April, 2020.

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