The World Health Organisation once stated that "We're not just fighting a pandemic; we're fighting an infodemic". In this episode I am joined with Jarred Taylor to discuss the deluge and abundance of information and data that is out there surrounding the coronavirus, and the disinformation and misinformation about covid-19, the fake news and conspiracy theories around the virus and other bizarre and wacky rumours and theories. Plus other discussions about climate change, state secrets, the top ten threats to humanity, and other bat shit crazy things that actually happened.

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Show Notes (all timestamps are approximates only)
Intro: Corporate World - Dust Brothers (1999)

  • Kiwiburn & NZ pandemic [~03:40]
  • How did we get here? [~11:30]
  • What is a conspiracy? [~18:20]
  • Psychological process and thinking… [~25:00]
  • Why are people so gullible? [~33:30]
  • Detecting misinformation [~39:40]
  • Favourite conspiracy theories [~47:20]
  • Threats to humanity [~55:40]
  • Climate crisis [~67:10]
  • Bad science [~78:20]
  • Nicotine [~86:20]
  • Trust in a post-pandemic society [~95:00]
  • Segregation [~99:20]
  • X-Files [~120:00]
  • Incompetence, not conspiracy theory [~129:10]
  • Extra chatter [~137:50]

This podcast was recorded back in April, 2020.

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